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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sitting Straight

Kyle started sitting on his own this weekend and he LOVES this new perspective on life! He started sitting for short periods of time a few weeks ago but was pretty wobbly and if he tried to play with any toys he would fall over. However, on Friday last week he woke up one morning and could sit and play with his toys with no problem. He has become such a happy baby and loves that he can entertain himself from this position. I also love that we have reached this milestone! I can plop him on the floor with a few different toys around him and he will play for a good hour before needing some assistance and attention from mommy. He is thoroughly enjoying all his Christmas toys so thanks to all our friends and family who spoiled this little guy with gifts this year.

Other milestones from the past week include, responding to his name when you call it and saying the word “mama.” While he does not understand that I am “mama”, he does say the word often, especially when he is tired. I will rock him to sleep while he drones “mamamamam…moooommmm…mamammama.”

We also took a nice family trip to Crested Butte for MLK weekend. While it was a bummer that there was horrible snow for skiing, the silver lining was the weather was beautiful and it felt like spring in the mountains! We were able to get outside with Kyle and go for a fun runs in the BOB stroller. Eros was also super excited with the weekend. Matt took him Nordic skiing and he loved it! It was so nice to get away and enjoy a family weekend together in one of our favorite places. It made me realize how much I am going to miss having Matt home when he leaves!

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