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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Month

Dear Kyle-

The first month of your life was a whirlwind of emotions as we adjusted to life with a newborn. It is true what they say, nothing can really prepare you for parenthood, you just have to jump in head first and do it! You came home from the hospital when you were two days old. We could not wait to welcome you home and introduce you to your puppy Eros. Grandma Mary welcomed us when we got home and we quickly put you in your Sungabunny swing. You immediately feel in love with this swing and it became your favorite place to sleep! In fact, you would probably still be using it today if you had not gotten too big. It was hands down the best baby purchase I made.

The introduction to your puppy went very well and we could tell that you were going to be buddies from the start. He could not get enough of your scent and tried to smell you every chance he could get. He also wanted to give you lot of puppy kisses.

You ended up being born during a very important training exercise for Daddy and after lots of consideration we decided that he should lead his Soldiers in the exercise for the next 48hours. We had lots of family offer to help so we knew that you and I were in good hands while he was away. Grandma Mary stayed with use for the first few nights. My milk came in when you were two days old causing me a lot of discomfort. I was producing way more milk than you could drink but after a few days my body regulated itself and we were good to go. You were an excellent nurser and was very patient with mommy while she learned the ropes of breastfeeding. When you were four days old your Grandma Shannon and Aunt Kathleen came down to help take care of us. You daddy also came back from his training and we were able to spend some quality family time together. Aunt Kate made us lots of yummy meals and Grandma Shannon knew just how to hold you when you were having stomach gas.

Being born in the wee hours of the morning caused you to reverse your nights and days so it took some time to get you on a good sleeping schedule. Luckily we had lots of helping hands to take the night shift while mommy and daddy caught up on some much needed sleep.

One thing is for sure, you are very loved by your family. On the day you were born all three sets of Grandparents were there to hold you along with your Aunt Holly. Everyone immediately fell in love with you! You ended up being born a month before your Aunt Holly and Uncle Zach were married which gave us the opportunity to introduce you to all of your Great Grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles in the first month of your life. Great Grandma and Grandpa Schardt also flew in from Florida to meet you! It was a very happy time but also very exhausting! I look back on that first month and wonder how I survived. I quickly learned that I can function on much less sleep than I ever thought I could.

After one week of help from the family you and I “flew solo” for the first time. I was pretty nervous to have just you and I alone by ourselves but we got along ok. With all the help we had that first week I had not had much of a chance to truly bond with you so it was nice to have some quiet time to hold and cuddle you. You loved to take naps on my chest which I loved but stopped me from getting anything done during the day.

At two weeks old you went on your first outing to a “Hail and Farewell” for daddy’s work. It was held at the Fox and the Hound Bar. You really enjoyed all the white noise in the bar and slept most of the time! When you were three weeks old you made your first trip up to Littleton for Aunt Holly’s bridal shower. You were quite the socialite and let everyone in the room hold you! When you were one month old you attended your Aunt’s bachelorette party at the Hyatt in Downtown, Denver. You were the only man allowed :). Grandma Shannon watched you while mommy went out to dinner with the girls. It was the first time I had left you since you were born. You also started smiling at four weeks! I remember you giving some of your first similes to your Great Grandpa and Grandma Schardt. You loved the sound of men’s voices and would usually smile if Daddy talked to you.

Your first road trip was when you were five weeks old to your Aunt Holly and Uncle Zach’s wedding in Crested Butte, CO. Overall the trip went pretty well for how young you were. You did amazing on the day of your aunt’s wedding and slept almost the entire day while mommy and the girls got ready and most importantly you made it through the entire wedding ceremony without making a peep! Your aunt bought you a little tuxedo onesie and you looked very handsome.

I have to admit, that many moments of that first month are a blur, but we survived and each day mommy got better at taking care of your needs. We became quite the pair and it was clear that you were definitely a mommy’s boy from the beginning.


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