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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am already learning my first lesson in patience as a parent. Waiting for Kyle to decide to make his appearance in this world is starting to drive me crazy. I feel like my belly is a ticking time bomb and everyone is on pins and needles waiting for it to go off :). Every night for the past week I have gone to bed with contractions wondering if tonight is “the night” and then before I know it I wake up and it is morning and my day starts all over again. Today is Kyle’s official due date, so hopefully he comes in the next few days. I felt really good this weekend and had a lot of energy, but yesterday and this morning I have had more, stronger, contractions and felt less energetic. Right now, I feel a lot like I do right before I am ready to start my period: crampy, crabby, and overall blah! So maybe that is a good thing and it means that active labor is near!

I had my 40 week doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon and everything went very well. Since baby and I are still doing so good they are not going to induce labor until 42 weeks (6 August), however, we are praying that he comes before that point. While I really don’t want to be induced, it is comforting knowing that there is an official end date. No matter what, we will meet our baby boy on August 6th. If he decides to keep hanging out in my belly, I go back to the doctor for three different visits next week to monitor baby and me to ensure that we are both still strong and healthy. In the meantime, I am going to start working on some natural induction techniques that I learned in my birth class. There is really nothing that will definitely incite labor, but at least I will feel like I am doing something to speed up the process. My mom is coming down today to spend the day with me and I am going to have her do some reflexology on my feet. There are certain pressure points that simulate the uterus so maybe she will be able to wake things up a bit down there.

As always, thanks again for everyone’s thoughts and prayers, we are getting so excited and soooo close!

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