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Monday, July 11, 2011

Full Term

Sorry for my lack of blogging last week. Matt and I were both on vacation and I decided to take a break from my computer. Unfortunately, we could not really go anywhere outside of the Springs with Baby Kyle due in a few weeks, but we enjoyed our time relaxing around the house and making last minute preparations for our little guys arrival.

While I am so excited to finally meet our baby, I am really trying to soak up this time with just Matt and me because very soon it will never be just the two of us again. It is kind of crazy when you think about how much our life is going to change in the new few weeks, but we are ready for this next chapter. It has been an amazing four years of marriage with just the two of us, and I know that having a baby is only going to make our life together that much richer.

According to the doctors, I am full term this week, meaning Baby Kyle is fully developed and could make his arrival any day. Statistically, most first time moms go all the way to their due date and often even a few days past, so the odds are Baby Kyle won’t come for a few more weeks. However, mother’s intuition says he is going to come early. I just have a feeling that he will be here soon. I have started to feel stronger contractions over the past few days. They are very irregular so it is nothing to get too excited about, but hopefully that means that things are progressing. It is such a mental shift from the rest of the pregnancy. You go through nine months praying not to feel contractions, cramping, or any of the other preterm labor symptoms, and then all of the sudden you hit 38 weeks and you start getting excited when you feel contractions, and are anxiously waiting for your water to break. I just keep telling myself to be patient. Baby Kyle knows when he is ready to enter the world.

Besides the occasional contractions throughout the day, I am still feeling pretty good. Fatigue has started to set in over the past few days, and simple chores like laundry and grocery shopping wear me out. I am not sleeping great at night so I find myself needing frequent naps throughout the day to maintain my energy. We have our 38 week appointment tomorrow and I will keep you all posted on how that goes. Here is to hoping that I post a blog about having the baby sooner than later…I am ready to start carrying baby Kyle in my arms and not in my belly :).

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