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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Royal Feast

Matt and I had bunch at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs this morning and it was delicious! For those unfamiliar with the Broadmoor, it is a five star luxury hotel located up against Cheyenne Mountain. It us unlike most hotels I have stayed in, the decor has a very regal feeling to it, and the grounds are immaculate.

During March Madness, Matt and I did a bracket competition between the two of us and the winner got to choose where we would go out for a date. I won, and quickly decided that I needed to try Sunday brunch at the Boradmoor. We had heard nothing but rave reviews from friends who have gone and I will now add my recommendation to anyone looking for a delicious brunch. The other great thing about the Broadmoor is the customer service, they really do make you feel like royalty from the moment you step out of your car. I think Matt and I may need to spend a night there for our “Babymoon” later this summer.

Anyway, after three trips back to the buffet line, my stomach told me it was time to stop. I will probably weigh an extra five pounds at my 28 week doctor’s appointment tomorrow but it will be well worth the extra weight. I think Baby Kyle enjoyed the meal as well, as he was kicking around quite a bit after I finished eating. It was also nice to go on a date with Matt. We have been so busy with family and Army functions these past few months that we have not made much time to go out to eat just the two of us. We will definitely have to remember to make date night time for each other once Baby Kyle gets here, thank goodness for lots of grandparents close by!

Like I said above, I have my 28 week appointment tomorrow. This is the appointment where I take the glucose test for gestational diabetes. I have heard mixed things about the “orange drink” you have to chug before they draw your blood. I will let you all know how it goes. Keep us in your thoughts for good results.

Finally an updated photo of the bump at 28 weeks. I am not sure I can call it a bump anymore, it looks more like a bowling ball is under my shirt these days. I can't belive that my belly is going to get bigger in the months to come...yikes!

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