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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy Week!

I had hoped to write three separate posts by now, but life has been busy! So, I am going to split this update into three separate parts to cover everything I wanted to post about last week.

28 Week Appointment Update

Our 28 week appointment last Monday went well and Baby Kyle and I are both still growing right on schedule. The results of our gestational diabetes test were negative which is good news! My review of the “orange drink” is that it tastes like flat orange soda. Not terrible, but nothing I would ever voluntarily drink. My biggest complaint is that it gave me horrible indigestion the rest of the day. The most exciting part of the visit was the opportunity to tour the Labor and Delivery ward of the hospital. Lucky for us, Evans Army Medical Center just remodeled their Labor and Delivery ward last year so everything is brand new! I thought the rooms were beautiful and very spacious. It felt very clean and the nursing staff that we met that night was all very nice and helpful. We also looked at the recovery rooms you go to after you deliver the baby and they were very nice too! It is hard to believe in less than three months I will be checking in for the big event.

Change of Command

This is not a baby related update, but a pretty big event in Matt and I’s life at the moment so I figured I would post about it on the blog. Matt took Command of a Troop at work last week so he is now in charge of roughly 70 soldiers. This is a big milestone in an Army Officer’s career and I am very excited and proud of him! I know he is going to be a great Commander and his soldiers are lucky to have him leading them into this next deployment. In addition to being in charge of soldiers, Matt is also responsible for ensuring the families of the soldiers are taken care of and informed of news and events going on in the Unit, this is called the Family Readiness Group (FRG). I have taken on the role of the FRG leader for the troop to support Matt and am looking forward to working with the families. There is a lot of work ahead of us to get things up and running with the FRG, but Matt and I make a good team and hopefully we will have things organized before Baby Kyle arrives.

They Army is full of traditions so when you do a Change of Command they hold a ceremony to honor the previous Commander’s accomplishments and service to the troop and to welcome the incoming Commander and his family. The ceremony was held on a beautiful Colorado day and Matt’s parents and aunt and uncle were able to attend making it an extra special day. Matt and I hosted a reception for all the solders in attendance afterward, and thanks to Subway’s catering service, it turned out great!

Happy Mother’s Day

One of the perks to being stationed in the same state as your family is the opportunity to spend days like Mother’s Day with your family. We enjoyed a wonderful day and got to see all the special mom’s in our life. Ever since being pregnant I have had a whole new respect for moms. It is hard work making a baby and I have not even experienced the parenting part. I am extremely lucky to have three “moms” who have fulfilled my life in different ways. I would not be the person I am today without their love and support! Thanks Mom, Carrie, and Shannon for all you do! Baby Kyle is one lucky boy to have such amazing grandmas looking out for him.

This was also a special Mother’s Day for me because I am very close to becoming a mommy myself, and my family made me feel so special. It was pretty awesome because I got to enjoy all the perks without having the baby :). Matt and Eros treated me to a prenatal massage and pedicure at the Broadmoor Spa. It was so relaxing and just what I needed after a busy week!

Well that pretty much wraps up the past week. Lots of fun and exciting things going on these days. The first week of May flew by and I am hoping the rest of the month goes just as fast.

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