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Monday, April 18, 2011

Counting Sheep

Sorry I missed posting last week, somehow the week and weekend got away from me. Although, I should have been blogging in the middle of the night instead of laying wide awake in bed. Recently, pregnancy insomnia has started to kick in. I find myself waking up between 2:00-3:00 in the morning wide awake and unable to fall back asleep. Often times, I just lay there thinking about what Baby Kyle will look like, what will it be like to be a mom, and how the heck am I going to push a baby human out of my body :). Kyle is usually awake with me, and I silently lie there feeling his little movements trying to imagine what he is doing in my belly. After a couple of hours of tossing and turning I am able to fall back asleep, just in time for Matt to wake up to head to PT and Eros to stat nosing around for some breakfast. I guess it is just preparing me for the middle of the night wake-ups with Kyle, and I think it is slowly starting to work. Anyone that knows me well knows how much I enjoy my sleep. I have never had a problem sleeping in until 9:00 in the morning, even after graduating from college. I always wondered when I would become and “adult” and wake up naturally between 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning like my parents. I guess it just took getting pregnant to break me out of my deep sleep routine. I can’t remember the last time I slept past 7:00.

Not too much other exciting news to report this week. Matt has been out in the field training for the past week so it has just been me, Eros, and baby Kyle kicking around in my belly. At least I don’t feel so alone when Matt leaves. In fact, I never really feel alone anymore, Kyle likes to give me a little kick or punch in my stomach from time to time to let me know he is with me. My sister and Lindsey (a good friend from HS and College) also came down on Saturday and we enjoyed some quality girl talk while our three furbabies played for hours in the backyard. I had so much fun having them over and it was nice to have the extra company while Matt was away. We head to Baggs, WY for Easter weekend on Friday, and I am looking forward to spending time with family up there. I will try to remember to get Matt to take a belly photo this week; I just realized it has been a while since I have posted an update. Have a good week everyone!

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