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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Back

I wish I could say that I have not been blogging because I was off on an awesome vacation, but unfortunately, my absence was due to taking care of a sick mommy and baby. That is right, Kyle and I spent that better part of March battling nasty colds. I came down with a really bad cold that resulted in a nasty lingering cough and then shortly after I started feeling better, my little man got sick. It started with pink eye and then landed in a double ear infection. Thankfully, with the help of some antibiotics, Kyle is doing much better and we are both back to our happy, healthy selves.

I have learned two things (1) being a sick mom is the worst and (2) taking care of a sick baby is heartbreaking. I know being sick is part of growing up and he needs to get sick to build his immune system, but it does not make it any easier to see him so miserable. It also makes you realize how we take our good health for granted. Hopefully, with the warmer spring weather and summer approaching we are nearing the end of cold and flu season and we won't have to deal with doctors visits for awhile!

Other than playing nurse mom, I don't really have too much else exciting to update you all on. We are starting to get in the groove of not having Matt home. It has been nearly two months since he left and taking care of Kyle by myself has become the new normal. We have been fortunate to communicate with Matt fairly regularly via Skype and the telephone since he left. We love our Skype dates and Kyle's face always lights up when he sees and hears Matt on the computer. I can tell that he definitely still remembers his dad and that make me happy. Other than being insanely busy, Matt is doing well. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers for him and his soldiers. Afghanistan is still a very dangerous place and soldiers are still being killed and injured every day.

Well, now that our house is healthy again, I hope to be back to my regularly blogging. Stay tuned for Kyle's 8 month update...

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