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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow Day!

Colorado finally received some winter snow this past weekend and we could not resist dressing Kyle up in his snowsuit to play in the white fluffy powder. While we were pretty excited about the idea I think Kyle could have done without the experience. He usually does not mind being outside in the cold but he was not feeling his sled ride as much as we had hoped. He was a little small for the sled and had trouble sitting up in it so I think that had a large part to do with his dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, it made for some fun pictures!

We spent the weekend hanging out with Matt's parents. Matt is trying to suck up as much family time as he can these next few weeks before he leaves. Unfortunately, I got sick with some type of stomach virus and was out of commission Saturday night and all of Sunday. Thankfully we had the grandparents on hand to help take care of Kyle while I laid in bed all day. Being a sick mommy is no fun at all! Thankfully the plague left me as quickly as it came on and I was feeling like my normal self on Monday morning. I am crossing my fingers that no one else in the house gets it!

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